New Books

Africa's New Oil
Power, Pipelines and Future Fortunes
Celeste Hicks
Breathing Space
The Natural and Unnatural History of Air
Mark Everard
Marxism and the Muslim World
Maxime Rodinson, Foreword by Gilbert Achcar
Social and Solidarity Economy
Beyond the Fringe
Peter Utting
Social and Solidarity Economy:
Beyond the Fringe
Peter Utting
The Racket
A rogue reporter vs the masters of the universe
Matt Kennard
Africa Uprising
Popular Protest and Political Change
Adam Branch and Zachariah Mampilly
An Alternative Labour History
Worker Control and Workplace Democracy
Dario Azzellini (Ed.)
Male Daughters, Female Husbands
Gender and Sex in an African Society
Ifi Amadiume, Foreword by Pat Caplan