New Books

Africa Uprising
Popular Protest and Political Change
Adam Branch and Zachariah Mampilly
An Alternative Labour History
Worker Control and Workplace Democracy
Dario Azzellini (Ed.)
Male Daughters, Female Husbands
Gender and Sex in an African Society
Ifi Amadiume, Foreword by Pat Caplan
Planet Dialectics
Explorations in Environment and Development
Wolfgang Sachs, Foreword by Susan George
Spaces of Aid
How Cars, Compounds and Hotels Shape Humanitarianism
Lisa Smirl
Thank You, Madagascar
The Conservation Diaries of Alison Jolly
Alison Jolly
The 1% and the Rest of Us
A Political Economy of Dominant Ownership
Tim Di Muzio
A Fundamental Fear
Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism
S. Sayyid