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30 September 2005
ISBN: 9781842776971
176 pages

African Arguments
International Relations, Politics


A Short History of a Long War

By Julie Flint and Alex de Waal


'The best introduction is 'Darfur: A Short History of a Long War' by Julie Flint and Alex de Waal. Both writers are intimately familiar with Darfur - Ms Flint reportedly came close to getting herself killed there when travelling with rebels in 2004 - and their accounts are as readable as they are tragic' - Nicholas D. Kristof in 'The New York Review of Books

'....carries the message to the reader much more effectively than any turgid encyclopaedic compilation of facts. For the general and the well-informed readers this short history is a very good beginning.' - Robert O. Collins, University of California Santa Barbara

'Flint and de Waal provide a clear and well-written overview, based on first-hand contacts and observations.' - Rene Wadlow, Transnational Perspectives

'Flint and de Waal have produced an extremely useful and readable summary of the background to the war, using testimony from interviews with people directly involved...good value for money.' - Bob Wood, Labour Left Briefing

'Flint and de Waal explicitly seek to narrate Darfur's history on its own terms...and their account is especially strong on the local dynamics of the conflict. They provide a wealth of information about Darfuri politics and history, including biographical accounts of rebel and militia leaders, as well as nuanced discussions of political lineages and movements in the region.' - Perspectives on Politics

‘…a very clear-sighted account…the book I would give first to anyone wanting to become acquainted with the crisis in Darfur.’ – Rex Sean O’Fahey, African Affairs, Oct 2007

'Fast-moving, insightful, elaborate and intriguing...for anyone who wants to understand the politics of Sudan, the history of the suffering peoples and the possible solutions, this is the right book.' - The Monitor

'The book is a masterpiece'. - David Kilgour, Independent MP for Edmonton, Mill Woods, Beaumont