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8 January 2009
ISBN: 9781848133150
160 pages
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Agriculture, Development, Gender and Sexuality

Soil Not Oil

Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity

By Vandana Shiva


For the old edition: 'A must read for anyone who takes the future of the planet seriously, Soil Not Oil dares us to imagine a world where people matter more than profits.' (tbc) 'One of the world's most prominent radical scientists' - The Guardian 'Shiva has devoted her life to fighting for the rights of ordinary people in India. Her fierce intellect and her disarmingly friendly, accessible manner have made her a valuable advocate for people all over the developing world.' - Ms Magazine 'The South's best known environmentalist.' - New Internationalist 'Shiva is a burst of creative energy, an intellectual power.' - The Progressive

Table of Contents

Introduction: Triple Crisis, Triple Opportunity
1. Politics of Climate Change
2. Sacred Cow vs. Sacred Car
3. Food For People or For Cars
4. Soil Not Oil
Conclusion: Unleashing Shakti: Our Power to Transform
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