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8 March 2012
ISBN: 9781848135925
288 pages
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Environment, Geography

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The Activists' Handbook

A step-by-step guide to participatory democracy

Aidan Ricketts


'I believe in real democracy. I believe in the power of communities to organise to pursue their interests. I am passionate about helping people take a stand and make a difference in the world. So says Aidan Ricketts and so say I. The biggest problem in the world is not hunger, not disease, not conflict, not corruption. It is APATHY. The fact that we see all these problems around us and we do nothing. This handbook shows us that something can be done through organising and action, and shows us how to do it. Now it's up to us.' - Michael Norton, author, 365 Ways to Change the World

'You are desperately needed to put the public back in public governance! That is just what Aidan Ricketts' wonderful contribution: The Activists' Handbook: A Step by Step Guide to Participatory Democracy is all about. It is said that trend is not destiny. We can shape our future with the right tools. This book is that tool.' - Randy Hayes, founder, Rainforest Action Network

'This book combines intellectual rigour, compassion and real world experience into a comprehensive, practical and powerful social change manual for these challenging times, an essential tool for the empowered citizen. Keep this book by your side as you confront the 21st century, better still, get your friends and neighbours to read it too.' - Mike Roselle, founder, Earth First!

'The need for a book of this kind could not be more urgent at a time when governments world wide have become captive to corporate power, this inspiring book takes the power directly back to communities and empowers us all to make the changes we want to see in this world. I have worked alongside Aidan from the campaign for Australia's tropical rainforests in the mid '80's, through the struggle for NSW's oldgrowth forests to the present day - he knows what he's talking about. Buy this book!' - John Seed OAM, founder, Rainforest Information Centre

'Most people become activists by accident. One day you're minding your own business, the next you're engaged in a crazy David vs Goliath battle with some developer or government who wants to f#*@ up your happy world. And it's a very steep learning curve. Social and environmental justice doesn't come easily. You need to learn to create and nurture groups, to work the media and social media, the dark art of political analysis and strategy. And the law! In this accessible text, Aidan Ricketts generously shares insights and wisdom he's gained through 20 years of dedicated activism. Aidan's legal training and experience are the real strength to this activist manual. Too few community activists use the law to its potential and Aidan advocates creative and powerful legal strategies.' - James Whelan, PhD, Director, The Change Agency

About the Author:

Aidan Ricketts is an experienced social and environmental activist as well as a prominent activism educator, academic and writer. Aidan has written for many academic journals and contributed to several books.