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1 March 1999
ISBN: 9781856495707
320 pages


Cultural Studies

The Media of Conflict

War Reporting and Representations of Ethnic Violence

Edited by Jean Seaton and Tim Allen

This book demonstrates how international media coverage of contemporary wars often encourages serious misunderstandings of complex situations. The shortage of information and the reporting only of those events easily understood by western audiences compounds misconceptions. The contributors are concerned with getting behind ethnic categorizations and examining how they have been constructed from the perspective that ethnicity is essentially a negotiated and relational phenomenon, not something static, primordial or "natural."


'In the field of war studies, usually characterised by mundane statements and platitudes, this book is at once penetrating and wide-ranging. Remarkably insightful. ' Peter Worsley, Professor Emeritus of the University of Manchester

'A timely and thought provoking book that every one of us who attempts to understand the new world disorder ought to learn from. Here are insights from Iraq to Liberia and beyond from people who have lived and studied the individual conflicts they discuss.' Jon Snow, Channel 4 News.

'...very well-informed and highly intelligent.'
John Keegan, Defence Editor of the Daily Telegraph and author of The Face of Battle.

'This is a powerful and important book, a manual that should be on the desk of every foreign editor in the land.' Third Way, Volume 22, No 6, July 1999