Recent Titles

The History of Development
From Western Origins to Global Faith, 4th edition
Gilbert Rist
The Global Land Grab
Beyond the Hype
Mayke Kaag and Annelies Zoomers
Voicing Demands
Feminist Activism in Transitional Contexts
Sohela Nazneen and Maheen Sultan
Culture, Development and Social Theory
Towards an Integrated Social Development
John Clammer
Decolonizing Methodologies
Research and Indigenous Peoples
Linda Tuhiwai Smith
Race, Racism and Development
Interrogating history, discourse and practice
Kalpana Wilson
Land, Law and Islam
Property and Human Rights in the Muslim World
Siraj Sait and Hilary Lim
Living Longer
Ageing, Development and Social Protection
Edited by Peter Lloyd-Sherlock
Poverty and Water
Explorations of the Reciprocal Relationship
Edited by David Hemson, Kassim Kulindwa, Haakon Lein, Adolfo Mascarenhas
Religion in Development
Rewriting the Secular Script
Séverine Deneulin with Masooda Bano
The Coffee Paradox
Global Markets, Commodity Trade and the Elusive Promise of Development
Benoit Daviron and Stefano Ponte
The Millennium Development Goals
Raising the Resources to Tackle World Poverty
Edited by Fantu Cheru and Colin Bradford Jr.
The New Development Management
Critiquing the Dual Modernization
Edited by Sadhvi Dar & Bill Cooke
The State of Resistance
Popular Struggles in the Global South
Edited by François Polet
Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects
Edited by Aziz Choudry and Dip Kapoor
A Future for the Excluded
Job Creation and Income Generation by the Poor: Clodomir Santos de Morais and the Organization Workshop
Edited by Raff Carmen and Miguel Sobrado
African Women and ICTs
Investigating technology, gender and empowerment
Edited by Ineke Buskens and Anne Webb
Celebrity and the Environment
Fame, Wealth and Power in Conservation
Dan Brockington
Communication for Another Development
Listening before Telling
Wendy Quarry and Ricardo Ramirez
Development with a Body
Sexuality, Human Rights and Development
Edited by Andrea Cornwall, Sonia Corrêa, Susie Jolly
Elite Perceptions of Poverty and Inequality
Edited by Elisa P. Reis and Mick Moore
Globalizing Citizens
New Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion
Edited by John Gaventa and Rajesh Tandon