Breathing Space
The Natural and Unnatural History of Air
Mark Everard
Thank You, Madagascar
The Conservation Diaries of Alison Jolly
Alison Jolly
Understanding Energy and Energy Policy
Timothy F. Braun and Lisa M. Glidden
The Ecological Hoofprint
The Global Burden of Industrial Livestock
Tony Weis
Energy Justice in a Changing Climate
Social equity and low-carbon energy
Karen Bickerstaff, Gordon Walker, Harriet Bulkeley
Negotiating Climate Change
Radical Democracy and the Illusion of Consensus
Amanda Machin
The Hydropolitics of Dams
Engineering or Ecosystems?
Mark Everard
Introducing Just Sustainabilities
Policy, Planning, and Practice
Julian Agyeman
China and the Environment
The Green Revolution
Edited by Sam Geall
Societies beyond Oil
Oil Dregs and Social Futures
John Urry
Economies of Recycling
The global transformation of materials, values and social relations
Catherine Alexander and Joshua Reno (eds.)
Fly and Be Damned
What now for aviation and climate change?
Peter McManners
Common Ground
The Sharing of Land and Landscapes for Sustainability
Mark Everard
Food versus Fuel
An Informed Introduction to Biofuels
Edited by Frank Rosillo-Calle and Francis X. Johnson
Biofuels and the Globalization of Risk
The Biggest Change in North-South Relationships Since Colonialism?
James Smith
The Energy Glut
The Politics of Fatness in an Overheating World
Ian Roberts with Phil Edwards
Celebrity and the Environment
Fame, Wealth and Power in Conservation
Dan Brockington
The Environmental Responsibility Reader
Edited by Martin Reynolds, Chris Blackmore and Mark J. Smith
The Corporate Greenhouse
Climate Change Policy in a Globalizing World
Yda Schreuder
Soil Not Oil
Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity
Vandana Shiva